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This Storm Is Almost Over

Storms are disturbances in the atmosphere. There are various kinds of storms i.e. rain, snow, hail etc. Some storms are mild in nature, while others are very violent. There are other storms in life which may attack one's mental, physical, spiritual, and or financial resources. All storms have the potential to cause outcomes unknown to us. Some outcomes may be catastrophic, others may be a blessing. Whichever storm you are facing currently, this too shall pass.

This Storm Is Almost Over

Every storm we face in life makes us different. I believe storms teach us to be better stewards of, and grateful for, the blessings God gives us. Don't fear the storm. Learn from it. This storm will pass. One may not understand what kind of storm he is in, but God knows....even the winds and the waves obey Him (Mathew 8:27).

This storm is almost over 🙌 #PraiseGodfromWhomallblessingsflow



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