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My name is Adrianne Brown. I am a believer in God, and follower of His Son Jesus Christ. 'Fasting To Feed The Mind®' is my blog. I blog about God's Love, Grace, and Mercy shown toward us through His Son Jesus Christ. 'Fasting To Feed The Mind®' freely invites family, friends, brothers, and sisters from all Nations around the World to believe, trust, and apply the Holy Word of God to their life. The Holy Word of God has the Power to change anyone; whosoever will. It is my prayer that by reading my blogs one becomes educated in the Word, counseled through the Word, encouraged by the Word, and be shown the way to obtain restoration for his or her mind, spirit, and soul. Moreover, I pray that as one begins to read the Holy Bible [Word of God] he or she becomes a believer in the Word and God's Holy Spirit guide him or her into a relationship with Christ Jesus. 'Fasting To Feed The Mind®' is a registered trade mark. Push the 'W' to read my privacy policy.

*I Am Not A Psychiatrist


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