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Don't Let the World Beat the Love of God out of You

Remember when you were a newborn in Christ? You readily saw the good in others. You didn't hesitate to accept people for who they are opposed to who you wanted them to be. Of course not everyone welcomed you with open arms,  but that all changed once the Spirit opened the lines of communication. You loved love and wouldn't have it any other way but by the Grace of God. So, What happened? Although terrible things are happening in the world today, don't give up on exemplifying the love of God.

Don't Let the World beat the Love of God out of You

People learn to do terrible things to one another over time. Some because of who you represent, others because they just dont know any better. Seems like you are the one always trying to make amends. Keep pressing. Don't get weary in doing well you will reap what you sow in due season (Galations 6:9). Continue to do love. Watch who you give your pearls to; everyone doesn't deserve them (Matthew 7:6). No matter what, don't let the world beat the love of God out of you.


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