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Everything Has Boundaries

Boundaries are limits; the extent to which something is covered. They may be set to keep something in or out. Their are various types of boundaries. When you come face to face with a boundary, don't cross it.

Everything Has Boundaries

Some people set boundaries on their property. They do it to keep strangers off of it. Boundaries also act as a safety measure. They keep people from hurting themselves, and others. God has set some boundaries of His own. He has established all of the boundaries of the earth...(Psalm 74:17).

The Blood of Jesus is a Boundary

When the Blood of Jesus is applied, death can not cross. The Blood is a sign for our protection to be applied so God can see to it that death does not touch us (Exodus 12:13). We apply Jesus' Blood by having, and keeping, Faith in His finished Work on the Cross. The Blood of Jesus covers us. His Blood protects us from all evil. The Blood of Jesus was the price paid for our freedom from eternal death. It redeems the believer, keeping him from going to hell. It reconciles the believer back to God; life in eternal harmony with Christ Jesus. His Works are not the result of what any man can possibly accomplish. No man can pride himself in it or take glory to himself (Ephesians 2:9). 

The Boundary is Set. Apply the Blood. Don't Cross it.


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