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Why Conform?

Conformity/ Dangerous or beneficial?

People conform for various reasons. Some people want to be like the person, thing, or idea that they are conforming to. Others conform due to peer pressure. Leaders, groups, organizations, ideologies, and social or cultural norms have the power to directly or covertly influence one to conform; no matter his age. The reason for conforming varies and may depend on one's belief system, and or attitude. Whichever, conforming can be beneficial to some, and dangerous to others.


The benefits of conforming may vary. Individual reasons such as, one's culture, belief system, and or attitude plays a huge role in his decision to conform. The benefits of one conforming to the people, things, ideas, etc. may be due to the belief that there is safety in numbers, its culturally identifying, financial security, or it's what he was taught. In any case, conformity is the individual's way to adopt appropriately toward various behaviors. Conforming is also necessary for one to interact and develop correctly within one's society.


The danger in conforming is who and what one is conforming to. Some people, things, or ideologies are not worth one's peace of mind, self-esteem, time, or life. Conforming to the wrong things, organizations, or people may promote stress, depression, anger, detachment from social settings, or other, fatal, illnesses.

What's a Man or Woman to do?

Be yourself. Stay you, and everything will be as it should be. Yes! you have culture and was raised a certain way, but you also have a beautiful brain that analyzes, processes, reasons etc.; a heart that loves, feels, discerns; where the soul is connected to God, Who knows your name and will find you if you seek to know Him.

'The hour has come and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth: God is looking for such people to worship Him. (John 4:23). God is not a religion or ideology. He is a living God Who created us, the world and everything in it not made by man. He provided the Way. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6)

Take care of You. Work out your own soul salvation through Faith in God, build your relationship with Jesus.

Be encouraged and stay yoked!


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