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What Are The Signs Of A Nervous Breakdown?


First let me start by saying stress is normal and quite useful, however an overload may cause one to experience a nervous breakdown. Nervous breakdowns occur because of an overload of stress which comes in many forms. Some of the causes are often unrealized. Workloads play a huge role in stress levels. An extra heavy work load or responsibility in any area of one's life may cause one to become overly stressed. However, workloads are not the only stress factors. Some stress factors man has no control over as they are inherent; existing in someone or something as a permanent and inseparable element, quality, or attribute. Stress factors are, both, external and internal.

7 Signs One May Be Experiencing A Nervous Breakdown

1) Unable to Focus

2) Unorganized

4) Feeling Irritable at all times; a constant pressure or nagging

5) Too tired to do anything; lethargic

6) Every sound, no matter the sounds, sounds like noise; deafening noise

7) Frequent Violent thoughts to do harm to self or others

Lighten Your Load

If you are experiencing any signs of a nervous breakdown, try and lighten your load. Take a break. If something doesn't need to be done right at that very moment, leave it for another time. Ask for help with projects from family and or friends, if possible. Meditate, Pray, and Get plenty of rest!

*If symptoms persist, seek professional help.

Go To My Resource and Hotlines Page.

In case of Emergency, Call 911

God said "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you (John 14:18).


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